Project Planning

No two projects are the same, that's a given and we all know it. Due to this Concrete Pictures prefers to get involved as early as possible in the planning stages of your project for a simple meeting, we'll exchange ideas and give you various options to consider. If you choose to go forward we then do an extensive location scout of your project site. This includes, developing a relationship with your onsite staff, possible camera positions, lensing options, power considerations, possible areas of risk, security concerns and any other details specific to your project.

Once we've finished our Location Scout we will provide in writing a detailed plan of attack for your project including: equipment list and specifications, pricing, equipment installation dates and other possible creative ideas which we feel could enhance your project visually. Once approval is given Concrete Pictures will assemble the equipment required for your project and thoughly test it in our studio. When testing is complete the equipment will be safely packaged for transport to your project site.

Equipment Installation

In most cases high camera positions are best. Getting the best possible pictures for you is our main concern. We have rigs, fixtures and brackets of all kinds to put the units where they need to be so the cameras are doing their job getting you the best possible shot of the project. 

Our crew is licensed for motorized and hydraulic lifts, so if we need to get the camera high above the site - no problem.


Time-Lapse, Video Production and Still Photography

Documenting your project to your specifications is our primary focus.

Our state-of-the-art camera technology allows you to keep up-to-the-minute tabs on the progress of your project, keeping you and your clients up to date as things unfold. In addition to this unbelievable time-lapse technology, you may also want to consider video coverage that will provide details and context to what your project is all about giving your clients a complete and detailed view of how your project came to life. 

A more in-depth coverage of your project may also be required with still photography. We will visit your site as frequently as you need to capture all angles of the work being done with our high resolution cameras.

Project Monitoring

Login and check-in.

Using your laptop, smartphone or tablet, you'll have instant visual access to your project wherever you are on the planet.

Every picture taken by our remote hign resolution time-lapse camera systems is uploaded to our fully secured web server within seconds, allowing you to view your project images and videos as they happen.

All the elements we produce of your project can easily be added to your company's website for you to show off to your present and future clients.


Picture Editing and Packaging

When your job is complete, our job continues.

If it's a documentary that you want made of your project, our post production expertise will craft a video to whatever your company is looking for. Making things relevant and interesting to watch is what we do best. We will put your project through the entire post-production process. Story-telling, music and graphics wrapped into a video that you will be proud to show your clients, put on your website and/or distribute to all the people involved in the project.

If it's simply an archive package you're looking for, we compile all the time-lapse photography and package it for your use on your website.
Whatever you're envisioning for your project to show the world, documentary or archive - we'll help you get there.

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We've got Videos

Visit our Concrete Pictures Vimeo Channel to see what a few of our clients are up too.

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Our Custom Gear

We design, build and deploy our own industrial strength camera systems.


Project Monitoring

You'll have access to time-lapse streaming and videos of your entire project.