Time-Lapse Photography

Written by Paul Cormack on . Posted in Concrete

What makes Concrete Pictures unique is our focus to detail. Our primary goal is to provide you with highest resolution pictures and streaming movies wherever you are and whenever you want them. We are dedicated to being ahead of the curve both creatively and technically giving you the very best possible product.

We design and build our own Remote Time-Lapse camera systems to our specifications, using high resolution cameras, sharp fast lenses and extrememly flexible camera control software. Making them secure and reducing the factors that may impede its productivity was of huge importance in the design. 

These units are completely self sufficient with wireless capability, so pictures are stored, archived and immediately accessable to our clients.

With remote control access to all of our units allows us to make sure the cameras are doing what they're supposed to - providing your company with high resolution pictures and streaming movies of your project.

5723 lg Our cameras, lenses and equipment are all enclosed in weatherproof housings. Each has build in heating, cooling, power and window defrosting options. Using our wireless network we can remotely monitor the internal tempeture and humidity of the camera housing.
T3i body Currently we are using 18 Megapixel cameras from Canon. This choice offers extremely high resolution over other companies using low resolution webcams to monitor construction projects. These cameras also offer HD video recording. We have full control of all camera functions remotely from anywhere on the planet.
sigma 10-20mm We have on hand many lensing options depending upon the shot required for your project. We do extensive location scouting and planning for each project we take on. This ensures you get the best possible photographic angles of the job at hand.
wireless Each Concrete Pictures camera system has a dedicated connection to the internet. This allows us full control of all aspects of the images being captured. Each image taken is sent to our web servers for offsite storage and processing into mulitple video streams avalible at anytime for you or your clients to view.
 em22 Our camera systems are fully weather protected so they can be mounted just about anywhere. We have loads of different mounting options available for just about every situation. If it's not onhand we'll design and build it our own shop.